all hellraiser characters

All hellraiser characters

The Cenobites are extradimensional beings who exist in an extra-dimensional realm and are present in Clive Barker's writings The Hellbound HeartThe Scarlet Gospels and eleven Hellraiser films. They are also mentioned in passing in the novel Weaveworld by the character Immacolata, who calls them "The Surgeons. They can reach Earth's reality only through a schism in time and space, which is opened and closed using certain unearthly artifacts, all hellraiser characters. The most common form for these artifacts is that of an inconspicuous-looking puzzle box called the Lament All hellraiser characters.

Kirsty Cotton's life is torn apart by a puzzle box that she uses to unwillingly summon the Cenobites. Once a very beautiful woman before she discovered the Box, the Female Cenobite is now a Cenobite whose throat is held open by hooks, the High Priestess of Hell. Alex is a doctor and one of the Harrowers. He formerly worked for the Cenobites, who torture his brother David. Lord of the Labyrinth. God of Flesh, Hunger, and Desire.

All hellraiser characters

Formerly an actor, Face is a Cenobite with a large collection of human faces that he staples onto his own head. Ever the thespian, he now runs the Grand Theater in Hell where he shows public torment. Lord of the Labyrinth. God of Flesh, Hunger, and Desire. Creator of the Cenobites and everything else that exists in its dimension. All who reside in its dimension serve its will absolutely, willingly or otherwise. A seductive, dominatrix-styled Cenobite with unwavering devotion to Leviathan. Her form of torment intertwines agony with erotic pleasure. Formerly a Vietnam War soldier, Atkins is a brutal Cenobite who favors heavy weaponry and mass carnage rather than slow torment. His methods generally go against the Cenobite way of order, but he can do as he pleases so long as it follows Leviathan's commands. Hell's Librarian, who loves to read out of her books made from living human flesh. Her infernal library resonates with the screams of the tormented souls within these books. She is able to become invisible with the use of the Hand of Glory. An emaciated Cenobite renowned for his sheer ruthlessness in collecting souls.

Origins: Barbie was formerly the bartender also played by Peter Atkins at the Boiler Room nightclub, and he was one of Pinhead's targets when Pinhead attacked the club.

The Hellraiser franchise has gotten a fresh revival thanks to Hellraiser The Cenobites have been around for a long time, and are some of the most grisly beings in horror movies. They love to watch their victims experience pleasure and pain. They take sadomasochism to the extreme, and their victims often get more than what they bargained for. There are plenty of Cenobites in the franchise, with some being just as iconic as Pinhead among Hellraiser fans. Some have appeared once and others have appeared in multiple movies one way or another.

R 94 min Horror, Thriller. A woman discovers the newly resurrected, partially formed, body of her brother-in-law and lover. She starts killing for him to revitalize his body and escape the demonic beings that are pursuing him after he escaped their underworld. R 97 min Horror, Thriller. Kirsty is brought to an institution after the horrible events of Hellraiser , where the occult-obsessive head doctor resurrects Julia and unleashes the Cenobites and their demonic underworld. R 97 min Horror. An investigative reporter must send the newly unbound Pinhead and his legions back to Hell. R 85 min Horror, Sci-Fi. In the 22nd century, a scientist attempts to right the wrong his ancestor created: the puzzle box that opens the gates of Hell and unleashes Pinhead and his Cenobite legions.

All hellraiser characters

Hellraiser is a British-American horror media franchise that consists of eleven films, as well as various comic books, and additional merchandise and media. Based on the novella The Hellbound Heart by English author Clive Barker , the franchise centers around the Cenobites which includes the primary antagonist named Pinhead. The overall plot of the franchise focuses on a puzzle box , the Lament Configuration. It opens a gateway to the Hell-like realm of the Cenobite lifeforms.

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In essence, cenobites are extra-dimensional beings hailing from a different realm , although they have access to Earth's reality via a schism in space-time. The Sociopath : Completely lacking in empathy, morally bankrupt, sadistic, utterly selfish and even takes pride in all of this. Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon : His movie counterpart looks like a romance-novel cover model, but make no mistake, he is a cruel sadist who has no qualms using his charm to manipulate and betray other people and even Cenobites. Bad Boss : Ruthlessly murdered Pinhead and his Cenobites the moment they chose to defy it. Hellbent For Leather : It seems that their usual priestly or combat gear consists almost exclusively of leather and metal. Evil Sounds Raspy : In contrast to Pinhead , her voice is metallic and raspy. However, in the second film, she's even more despicable and sadistic. John Merchant. Once he is made into a monster, he drops all pretenses and revels in his sadism. Too Dumb to Live : Doesn't recognize the warning signs about Julia and the house until it's too late. As well, his chest is flayed open, exposing bare meat and muscle. Later fills this role to Leviathan, alongside Pinhead and Channard. She sleeps in deep meditation, devoid of any and all sensations, unless awakened by Leviathan for matters of grave significance.

R 94 min Horror, Thriller.

However in the third and fourth movies, he becomes a full-fledged bad guy willing to hurt innocents and turn Earth into hell, although in the third this is justified as him being separated from his human side. Dragon-in-Chief : Leader of the Cenobites, but answers to Leviathan. Servants of Leviathan, bringers of pain and pleasure, explorers of the outer reaches of experience. I felt now that Pinhead existed in an emotional limbo where neither pain nor pleasure could touch him. Sure, she doesn't get many ines, but the "Female Cenobite," sometimes referred to by fans as "Deep Throat" due to the peeled-open throat wound she sports, gets to deliver some particularly chilling dialogue during her two appearances, helping Pinhead to explain to Kristy how Cenobites work. John Merchant. This is averted in the third and fourth movies, however, where he becomes a typical power-hungry villain who seeks world domination although justified in the third as him having been separated from his human half, depriving him of his usual laws and self-imposed restrictions. Julia Cotton Julia Cotton "I'm no longer just the wicked stepmother. Too Dumb to Live : Doesn't recognize the warning signs about Julia and the house until it's too late. Face Death with Dignity : It takes a bit, but he's not afraid of death in his final moments. From Pinhead to lesser-known cenobites, each character showcases grotesque designs blending flesh, leather, and metal. A fan favorite, the Chatterer Cenobite has a particularly grisly appearance and a hauntingly tragic implied backstory.

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