Bruce wayne meme

Batman is one of the oldest and most popular superheroes out there. He first appeared in the comics all the way back in May

Bruce Wayne aka Batman is one of the most popular fictional characters in existence as well as one of the most famous superheroes of all time. Several actors have given life to the iconic Dark Knight both through live-action work and voicing the character. Batman has and will always be one of the biggest characters no matter what medium he is in. With such a large history behind him, there is a massive fandom from all over the world that celebrates the character. That includes fan-art, fan-fic ,and memes about the iconic DC hero. While Bruce is one of the more serious characters, there are certain things you can make fun of about him.

Bruce wayne meme


Then he changes his mind all of a sudden.


Brevity is the soul of wit, and memes are clear proof of that. The Batman is impacting audiences worldwide, and between praise and adoring laughter, fans can't stop talking about Matt Reeves' new movie through the universal language of memes. On Twitter, movie-goers haven't wasted their time or creativity. Since the film's release, they have been sharing their reactions to delight and entertain. From memes that show Schubert's Ave Maria will never be the same again to Seinfeld 's Jerry and Kramer using a recurring line of the Caped Crusader, these memes capture and define The Batman. The attention to aesthetics is one of the things that makes The Batman a unique piece of art, and Pattinson's rendition of a grieving Bruce Wayne has become an emo icon. Catwoman has had several improvements since Batman Returns and this trend continues in Matt Reeves' project. One of the reasons for that is the dynamic she shares with Pattinson's Batman, leaving audiences wanting more of The Bat and The Cat. Before The Batman was released, one could find many depreciative memes online about Robert Pattinson being chosen for the role.

Bruce wayne meme

Batman is a DC comics superhero who fights crime in the fictional city of Gotham. His secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a play-boy billionaire who uses his money to finance gadgets, vehicles and other crime-fighting technology. Wayne's motivation for becoming Batman stems from witnessing his parent's murder at the hands of the criminal Joe Chill when he was eight years old. Batman was first introduced in May of in Detective Comics 27 shown below, left , illustrated by artist Bob Kane. In , the television series Batman was launched, which starred actors Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as his sidekick Robin [3] shown below, right. On July 30th, , the film Batman: The Movie was released, featuring the same cast as the television series.

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He has a family, a lot of superhero friends, and even dated. A lot of people objected it wasn't like Batman to go around murdering people. What makes his casting as Batman confusing is the fact that Batman will obviously have to switch face. Yet besides Alfred, no-one ever points out that there's something seriously wrong with him. Batman goes through some serious mood swings in the DCEU. Yet if he learned more about Superman before actually fighting him, who knows how the whole movie might turn out. Bruce would be lost without certain people in his life and one of them is Commissioner Gordon. We can only imagine the major frustration that Thomas and Martha Wayne must have felt in the afterlife of seeing their son so greatly disrespect that legacy when he got their family home brutally destroyed. The fact still is the conflict between them in Batman v. Yet despite that, he had multiple romantic relationships in the comics and films as well. Some of them are more obvious while others take longer to figure out but will still lead to a few raised eyebrows. Batman should learn a lesson from his fellow superheroes. Then he changes his mind all of a sudden. If Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne took the time to chat more at Lex Luthor's party, they could have saved themselves the trouble. Batman has had multiple live-action feature films over the years but he most recently appeared in the DCEU, portrayed by Ben Affleck.

It has also inspired the creation of the snowclone template "some X just want to watch the world Y. The phrase began appearing online after it was uttered in the July Batman film The Dark Knight shown below by Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred Pennyworth played by British actor Michael Caine while explaining to Bruce Wayne played by Christian Bale that his nemesis, the Joker, is unlike any other criminal Batman has faced. The earliest known image macro containing the phrase as a caption was submitted to Cheezburger 's Pundit Kitchen [8] on March 5th, featuring a photo of conservative American political commentator Rush Limbaugh.

Batman should learn a lesson from his fellow superheroes. He's not as cheerful, optimistic, and open in the comics as other superheroes. Get a grip, Bruce. For one, Lex Luthor relies on the fact Batman will act the way he wants him to. Imagine the adult versions of Bruce telling their younger selves how complicated their lives get when they get into adulthood. What we can imagine, however, is that he brings up very often that his parents are dead. While Bruce is one of the more serious characters, there are certain things you can make fun of about him. There's nothing wrong with Robert Pattinson playing the new Batman. Many fans weren't so happy about the change of Bruce's character. Wonder Woman notices it and she's quick to call Bruce out on his lies. It wouldn't be much of a superhero film filled with action if Superman and Batman talked out their problems instead.

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