kurt russell soldier 1998

Kurt russell soldier 1998

Sergeant Todd is a veteran soldier for an elite group of the armed forces.

Yet while original screenwriter Hampton Fancher is listed among the credits for Blade Runner , his former writing partner, David Webb Peoples, is conspicuous through his absence. In fact, we already have in the form of an all-but forgotten film by British genre director Paul WS Anderson. But what Soldier lacks in terms of a tangible narrative connection to Blade Runner it makes up for through its thematic kinship. Both films prod at issues of humanity and identity, AI in the case of Blade Runner, and, as you may have guessed from the title, soldiers in the case of Soldiers. He is made of flesh as his gun of metal.

Kurt russell soldier 1998

A soldier trained from birth is deemed obsolete and dumped on a waste planet where he is reluctantly taken in by a community of defenseless, stranded wayfarers. Sandra : How do you know they'll be back? Todd : Because they're soldiers, Sir. Like me. Sandra : Why are they doing this? Todd : They're obeying orders, Sir. It's their duty. Sandra : Do you know how many there will be? Todd : Seventeen more, Sir. Sandra : Oh my God, you can't fight seventeen more on your own, you have to organize us. We're not cowards, we'll do as you tell us, we'll fight. Todd : No. Sandra : Why not? Todd : Soldiers deserve soldiers, Sir.

Dodds Sloan. Gary Busey Church. Quotes Sandra : How do you know they'll be back?

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Sign In Sign In. New Customer? Create account. Kurt Russell 's son Wyatt Russell plays him as an eleven year old. Writer David Webb Peoples has said that Soldier is a "side-quel" to Blade Runner which he also wrote because it takes place in the same universe, and in fact the vehicles used by the Blade Runners - spinners - are also used in Soldier. The premise of Soldier was actually based on an unused opening scene for Blade Runner, where a group of Replicants are dumped and left for dead on an Off-world colony. Both films were released by Warner Brothers, and both were box-office failures that gained a cult following after being released on home video. According to Paul W. Anderson , Kurt Russell worked out three or four hours a day for eighteen months to get himself into the "pumped-up" condition he displays in this film. Anderson says the making of "Soldier" was actually postponed to allow Russell to do this, because Russell thought it was so important to Sergeant Todd's character; Anderson made Event Horizon in the interim, while Russell made no other movies during that time.

Kurt russell soldier 1998

Todd Kurt Russell , a soldier of the future, reexamines his life in this action-packed sci-fi adventure. When new genetically engineered warriors are introduced, Todd is left for dead on a distant planet, where he is reacquainted with his humanity and protects a remote settlement. Jason Scott Lee, Gary Busey. There are no TV airings over the next 14 days.

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In , Sgt. Connie Nielsen Sandra. Action Drama Sci-Fi. Films written by David Peoples. David Tattersall [1]. What was the official certification given to Soldier in Japan? Not as bad as the old Flash Gordon stuff, but not the same as the new Star Wars. While Todd develops a silent rapport with their mute son, Nathan, who had been traumatized by a snakebite as an infant, he soon begins to experience flashbacks from his time as a soldier and mistakes one of the colonists for an enemy, nearly killing him. Recently viewed. Jayson Merrill Dennis Maguire. A soldier trained from birth is deemed obsolete and dumped on a waste planet where he is reluctantly taken in by a community of defenseless, stranded wayfarers. August 17, DVD March 2, "Please retry". The film tells the story of a highly skilled and emotionally distant soldier who is left for dead, befriends a group of refugees, then faces his former superiors who are determined to eliminate them.

New 'The Bikeriders' Trailer. Soldier Sergeant Todd is a veteran soldier for an elite group of the armed forces.

Dodds Sloan. And a special shout-out to the intricate, over-the-top production designs. Todd : I'm going to kill them all, Sir. Sandra : Why not? About Little White Lies Little White Lies was established in as a bi-monthly print magazine committed to championing great movies and the talented people who make them. I went off, and I decided to write about this soldier. He considers Soldier to be a "spin-off sidequel "- spiritual successor to Blade Runner , seeing both films as existing in a shared fictional universe. Forced to make the garbage planet their home, these people adapted over time, learning to live off the leftover refuse of others. Sold by TheBookKingdom. No damage. Artificial Intelligence in the movies: What makes us human? Anderson [1]. Dude looks like a goddamn brick shithouse with those piercing blue eyes and a dope flattop you could set your watch to. Penfield mood organ Replicant Spinner. Cements Paul W.

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