macbook white 2010 specs

Macbook white 2010 specs

Download: PDF Manual. The MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2. Like its predecessorthis model uses a polycarbonate "glossy white unibody" case design with a "non-skid" rubberized bottom surface.

We believe in the long term value of Apple hardware. You should be able to use your Apple gear as long as it helps you remain productive and meets your needs, upgrading only as necessary. We want to help maximize the life of your Apple gear. This is the first and only update to the white unibody MacBook. The CPU speed gets a bump from 2.

Macbook white 2010 specs

Positioned as the low end of the MacBook family, below the premium ultra-portable MacBook Air and the performance-oriented MacBook Pro , [1] the MacBook was aimed at the consumer and education markets. For five months in , it was the best-selling laptop of any brand in US retail stores. There have been three separate designs of the original MacBook. The original design used a combination of polycarbonate and fiberglass casing which was modeled after the iBook G4. The second design, introduced in October alongside the inch MacBook Pro, shared the latter's unibody aluminium casing, but lacked a FireWire port. A third design, introduced in late , retained a similar unibody construction but changed back to white polycarbonate. On July 20, , the MacBook was discontinued for consumer purchase, as it had been effectively superseded by the MacBook Air, which had a lower entry price. While thinner than its predecessor — the iBook G4 — the MacBook is wider than the inch model due to its widescreen display. The MacBook was Apple's first notebook to use features now standard in its notebooks — the glossy display, the sunken keyboard design and the non-mechanical magnetic latch. With the late revision, the keyboard received several changes to closely mirror the one which shipped with the iMac , by adding the same keyboard shortcuts to control multimedia, and removing the embedded numeric keypad and the Apple logo from the command keys.

Neither does Leopard. Also Macworld Expo disappoints, Pismo a great field computer, using flash memory in vintage Macs, and Word vs.

Why you can trust Laptop Mag Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test. Even though Apple only introduced the unibody MacBook last Fall, we weren't surprised that the company's consumer notebook saw a refresh shortly after the MacBook Pro line saw its upgrades. Apple draws the line between consumer and professional at aluminum vs. Considering its excellent battery life, design, operating system and customer support, the MacBook remains a strong buy. But for the lower price you'll sacrifice some features.

Download: PDF Manual. Unique to the MacBook include a redesigned "flush against the bed" keyboard that does not touch the screen, a "no moving parts" magnetic latch that "catches without a catch", and a case design that makes upgrading the RAM and hard drive easy. Also see: What are the differences between the three original MacBook models? How does the original MacBook compare to the iBook model it replaced? Click for current options.

Macbook white 2010 specs

Download: PDF Manual. Quietly unveiled without a press release -- just like the model it replaced -- the Apple MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2. The MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.

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Which Macs support it? Archived from the original on February 17, Consumer Reports, which generally recommends against extended warranties, says AppleCare makes sense. Retrieved July 24, Details: Supports external display in dual display and mirroring modes. The "Introduction Date" refers to the date a model was introduced via press release. AirPort Extreme Archived from the original on July 24, October 22, Laptop a better bet than desktop, MacBook vs. Will PowerPC or Intel give you the more productive workflow? Italics indicate discontinued products, services, or defunct companies.

Download: PDF Manual. The MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2.

The polycarbonate MacBook was the only Macintosh notebook until the new model to be offered in more than one color since the iBook G3 Clamshell. Geekbench 2 32 : Geekbench 2 64 : Apple reports that this system also supports " by , by , and by pixels at aspect ratio; by , by , and by pixels at aspect ratio; by , by , and by pixels at aspect ratio stretched; by pixels at aspect ratio; by pixels at aspect ratio stretched. The wireless productivity test measures battery life by wirelessly browsing various websites and editing text in a word processor document with display brightness set to the middle setting. Also whether onboard Intel graphics on the MacBook is inadequate. Following a lawsuit, Apple replaces these adapters for US residents with affected adapters, purchased or received as a gift with computers or as an accessory. Woolard Jr. Higher numbers are better. Apple reports that this model has a "built-in How does the battery life of each compare to the model each replaced? See also template: Apple hardware before Details: Geekbench 2 benchmarks are in bit and bit modes, respectively. Apple used the A code, printed on the case, for this family of models, though 17 variations may be counted if color is included. Archived from the original on August 1,

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