queen chrysalis

Queen chrysalis

Queen Chrysalis is the former queen of the Changeling Empire and one of the queen chrysalis fearsome enemies to have ever threatened Equestria.

This day is going to be perfect. She makes her full physical debut in Part 2. The former Queen of the changelings, creatures that can transform into other ponies and feed on their love for sustenance. She masquerades as Princess Cadance during the Season 2 finale in a bid to conquer Equestria, but is discovered by Twilight and defeated by Cadance and Shining Armor. She returns in the Season 6 finale with a more ambitious plan, but her subjects turn on her and follow Thorax as their new leader, causing Chrysalis to flee swearing revenge. In the final season, she forms an alliance with Tirek and Cozy Glow to take down Twilight and her friends after being summoned by Grogar. She appears in IDW's comic books as the main antagonist through the first four-issue Story Arc , and makes several subsequent appearances.

Queen chrysalis

This is Thesecret I am an admin of this site. Edit as much as you wish, but one little thing If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!! She is the former queen of the Changelings who sought to feed her subjects' hunger for love and expand her rule across Equestria in the process. She is also the arch-nemesis of Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer. She first appeared in the Season 2 finale, "A Canterlot Wedding", where she attempted to invade and conquer Canterlot with her army by posing as Princess Cadence. She later appeared in the Season 5 finale "The Cutie Re-Mark", in an alternate timeline created by Starlight Glimmer , though it was altered by Twilight. In the Season 6 finale, "To Where and Back Again", Chrysalis had the Mane Six and other heroes captured and replaced by her drones, but she was opposed by a reformed Starlight , along with Trixie Lulamoon , Discord and Thorax ; the latter of whom becoming the new leader of the Changelings after Starlight convinced them to rebel against Chrysalis. After losing her title, she would become obsessed with getting revenge upon Starlight and the Mane Six. In the Season 8 episode "The Mean Six", she attempted to get her revenge by creating evil clones of the Mane Six to take the Elements of Harmony for her, only for them to betray her and get destroyed in the end. After obtaining the Bewitching Bell , she and her cohorts conspired to betray "Grogar" and conquer Equestria for themselves, but were then defeated by the Mane Six and their allies for good. Kat in Kid vs. Queen Chrysalis is a changeling and thus a shapeshifter who is capable of taking many forms.

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Queen Chrysalis is a female changeling and the main antagonist of the season two finale , the season six finale , the IDW comics ' first story arc , Budge Studios' mobile game Harmony Quest , and one of the main antagonists of the season nine finale. In the season six finale, Chrysalis is dethroned from her position as changeling queen. She is defeated by the Mane Six and their allies in the season nine finale, and turned to stone along with Tirek and Cozy. She is also referred to by name in subsequent episodes and in the second episode of PonyChat. After launching the entire comic franchise with her, she is near and dear to our hearts. I absolutely loved doing this book I think fans will enjoy it

She was the former Queen of the Changelings who seeks to feed her subjects' hunger for love and later expand her rule across Equestria in the process. She is even now the archenemy of Starlight Glimmer, after her defeat in the finale of Season 6. She later becomes a member of the Legion of Doom, consisting of Lord Tirek and Cozy Glow, and was formally led by " Grogar ", who was actually Discord in disguise. After they dispose of Discord and learn of his secret, Queen Chrysalis becomes the de-facto leader of the team until she and her teammates are defeated by the Mane Six and their allies. During her first appearance in the Season 2 finale, Queen Chrysalis gained enough power from Princess Cadence and Shining Armor's love for one another to become even more powerful than Celestia, defeating her and nearly taking over all of Canterlot. However, the same thing she drew power from ultimately defeated her, as Shining Armor and Cadence used the Power of Love in order to send Chrysalis and her army of Changelings flying out of the city. In the season six finale, Chrysalis is dethroned from her position as Changeling queen. She is defeated by the Mane Six and their allies in the season nine finale, and turned to stone along with Tirek and Cozy.

Queen chrysalis

The Ending of the End - Part 1 is the twenty-fourth episode of season nine of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and the show's two hundred and twentieth episode overall. This episode was released on Videoland's on-demand service in the Netherlands on August 17, , but was later taken down. When the episode premiered in the United States, it did not include the "To be continued" card or the credits , with the credits of all three final episodes combined at the very end of The Last Problem. According to Jim Miller, Discord impersonating Grogar was planned since the beginning of the season, as they wanted Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow to be the main antagonists because they had more connection to the main characters. The episode begins outside Canterlot , where Queen Chrysalis —disguised as Crackle Cosette —intercepts a unicorn baker and informs him that the Earth ponies and Pegasi are selfishly hoarding food for themselves and refusing to share with the unicorns. In addition to trying to unlock the power of Grogar 's Bewitching Bell, Chrysalis, Lord Tirek , and Cozy Glow have also been sowing distrust between the pony tribes and getting them to turn on each other. Back at Grogar's lair, using the book they stole from the Canterlot Archives in The Summer Sun Setback , the villains learn that the Bell can drain magic from others. With a spell from the book, they transfer the magic inside the Bell to themselves, making them extremely powerful and transforming Cozy Glow into an Alicorn.

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Either that, or Chrysalis has a way to wake up the changelings instantly. The things that keep her from achieving peace within herself are: her sheer cruelty , her extremely stubborn refusal to reform , her greed , her tendency to underestimate her opponents , and her unwillingness to admit her mistakes. Very dark gray. To her credit, she does do a better job pretending to be a sweet-natured unicorn in her appearances as "Crackle Cosette", though. Tirek suggests that if they win, they will destroy each other for whoever takes over Equestria. Current Wiki. In the finale, where everypony lends their friendship to power the Mane Six. The queen sends her subjects to feed and sings a reprise of This Day Aria, distracting her long enough for Twilight to free Cadance. Chrysalis manages to secretly capture all of the Mane Six, thus making her one of the few villains who almost managed to beat the Mane Six, although she clearly didn't defeat them because they're still alive and they're only captured, they'd possibly get out eventually, besides she didn't do it herself, her army was just lucky to get them one by one by her order. Thorax shares his love with Chrysalis willingly, resulting in a burst of magic that transforms him into a colorful creature filled with love. Meaningful Name : A chrysalis is the hard shell that envelops a caterpillar before they become a butterfly and Chrysalis, like all the other changelings, is a bug-like pony creature. I saw a note from Hasbro that said she wasn't scary enough, so I had to do a special pose of her rearing up to prove that she could be a super villain. After spending her last few appearances on the back hoof with her army gone, reduced to an fugitive with a questionable loss of sanity, nearly being overpowered by Mean Twilight, and being brought into Grogar's service , she gets a chance to shine with showing off her shapeshifting abilities.

This day is going to be perfect. She makes her full physical debut in Part 2. The former Queen of the changelings, creatures that can transform into other ponies and feed on their love for sustenance.

I decide what is best for my subjects, not some mewling grub! However, she still has more than a few Didn't Think This Through and Villain Ball moments, and when her hive and subjects turn on her , she's reduced to The Remnant living alone in the wilderness and finding little success in her planning for Revenge , losing herself in the process. Celestia, Luna, and Discord made sure they'll never come back by turning her, Cozy, and Tirek into stone, as Chrysalis eventually gets defeated twice again once and for all. In the end, Cadance and Shining Armor let her have it with that same love. Once she's pressed into Grogar's service, it's shown in "Frenemies" she now spends her time talking to a specific purple log very likely all that's left of Mean Twilight and gets defensive when the other members of the Legion of Doom point it out. She may have been lying to gain the ponies' sympathy and facilitate her escape, since as soon as the opportunity presents itself the whole army is shown to be very much awake. Retrieved on April However, she's still unbelievably adorable to watch half the time, even for a villain. Changeling Human Equestria Girls merchandise and app and artwork [1]. Namespaces Page Discussion. The Sparkle family. Morphic Resonance : Even when in a shapeshifted form, she seems to keep the Sickly Green Glow of her magic.

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