switch from shaw mobile to rogers

Switch from shaw mobile to rogers

Phone number migration from Shaw to Roger was not successful! I called Rogers more that 5 times since September and they told me and it was never done!

So far the transfer from Shaw Mobile to Rogers has gone reasonably well. My family has two phones, and we did them both within 15 minutes of each other. One phone iPhone 5s went very well. Was immediately on Rogers, and the phone number transferred within 15 minutes. The second phone iPhons 6s we immediately on Rogers and working on the temporary number, but it has been almost 24 hours and the number still hasn't transferred.

Switch from shaw mobile to rogers

This change from Shaw to Rogers Wireless has been very frustrating. It all started when Rogers sent our first bill. Now, I did not chose Rogers no matter how many times they say thank you for choosing Rogers, I was forced into it. I was a fortunate long term customer. We paid it so we were not in arrears and expected to sort it out easily. Didn't happen. My last contact today went fine with the Sparta group until the person I was talking to checked with her higher up and then I was told no way they could do it. My god, it's my money, how can you say no! If this isn't resolved in the next while I will once again be told that the invoice I will then have received for October payment cannot be changed, so will string it out further. I have just finished wasting 3 hours on chat and on the phone to Rogers and Shaw. Hung up on twice and no one can help in any way. Waiting forever for someone then getting the runaround and hung up on and no one can do anything about it. This is disgusting.

I migrated one of my lines to Rogers and lost my Data from Shaw. The agreement with the Crown calls for Rogers to provide the same plan at the same cost with the same terms and condition for 5 years. Only Primary Account Holders are allowed to complete an in-store transfer.

I had a very frustrating experience with Rogers today lasting more than an hour. They called me to migrate from Shaw Mobile to their service, but they did not give me any written confirmation of the offer. They claimed that I would get 6GB of data for my 2 or 3G plan, free roaming in the US, and a fixed price for five years. However, they also required a credit check, which they failed to complete. They tried three different credit cards and my driver's license, but they could not verify my identity. They did not provide any clear information about that. I have a spotless credit score and record and this shouldn't be happening.

A series of frequently asked questions FAQ pages 1 , 2 , 3 total published by Shaw run through a ton of questions about what customers need to know following the merger, ranging from what customers need to do to whether equipment or billing practices will change. On the other, it makes for boring news. Shaw Mobile customers can migrate to Rogers. It had some decent plan prices assuming you subscribed to Shaw internet. Shaw says Rogers will reach out to customers when their plan is ready for migration but until then — you guessed it — nothing will change.

Switch from shaw mobile to rogers

Rogers and Shaw are coming together to bring you the latest 5G and fibre network technology. Until then, check out our FAQs below. Shaw and Rogers are coming together. Learn more about Rogers and Shaw are coming together to continue expanding connectivity, supporting local communities and bringing you the latest 5G and fibre network technology. Yes, Shaw and Rogers came together in April Together we are investing in Western Canada to deliver more choice, connectivity and innovation. Starting in June, you may notice some naming and other visual changes have been made to your existing Shaw residential products, but you will still enjoy the same great service and experience you have today. For now, the Rogers and Shaw brands will co-exist, but over time you'll begin to see the Rogers brand become more prevalent within Shaw products, services, and offerings. Your current hardware and remote will continue to work as before. No changes will be made to the actual hardware or modem specifications, meaning you can expect the same speed, reliability and service as before.

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As an update. Whereas on March 13, , Rogers Communications Inc. Didn't happen. In response to Playaprez. We'd be more than happy to continue there! It would be a pyrrhic victory for the competition Bureau. When switching from Shaw Mobile to Rogers Mobile, you will be eligible for the same number of lines and can keep the same phone numbers you have today. At the end they say it would take 15 minutes for my old cell number to be transitioned. As long as your Shaw Internet service remains active and on billing, you can continue to enjoy a discount on your Rogers Mobile service. Any notice required or permitted to be given in connection with this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be sufficiently given if delivered whether in person, by courier service, mail or electronically :. I will buy data as needed if I want it. A warm welcome to the Community and Congrats on your first post! Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

I am new to Rogers and after 7 days of talking with people I am baffled and shocked by Rogers.

I had a few other operators like Telus, Freedom mobile and Shaw but never had a problem over last 10 years If you find that Rogers Customer Support staff are playing hardball in an attempt to force you onto other Rogers plans, remind them of the commitment by Rogers I'd indicate that they're in breach of the merger agreement and simply send an email to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada. Search instead for. You can confirm your billing preferences while switching to Rogers in any Rogers retail location, through the Rogers contact centre or by setting up online billing through their MyRogers account. Two hours later is was still not. I was a fortunate long term customer. One bullied us until were were quite upset and refused to listen, and another claimed Rogers was an independent company with its own plans and conditions, and Rogers is under no obligation to offer Shaw customers plans similar to those they had with Shaw. Hello, Rogers and Shaw are now one company and we invite you to transfer your Shaw Mobile services to Rogers. Your current hardware and remote will continue to work as before. We'd be more than happy to continue there! Shaw mobile customers should be waiting until a [competent] Shaw rep creates your Rogers account for you, provides you the account number, and so on. A hard credit check is required only for those customers who migrate early voluntarily.

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