table tennis ranking

Table tennis ranking

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Description of the PTT rating system for singles. If you have questions please have a look at explanation to the rating system changes for Description of the PTT rating system for doubles and mixed doubles. For any questions or for reporting errors please contact Dimitrios Katis by e-mail. Here is an online calculator to check your points or better understand the system. Please note that it is quite simple and does not take into account the medal bonus points. Archives of past ranking lists from to

Table tennis ranking


Correction on The points from the Panamerican were not counted in the final ratings.


Table tennis ranking is a system devised to evaluate players based on their performance in tournaments and competitions. This ranking system is regularly updated on a monthly basis. Players earn points based on their achievements in matches and tournaments. Notably, victories against higher-ranked opponents yield more points. Players who excel in high-level tournaments against formidable opponents tend to earn higher rankings. Similarly, those consistently participating in tournaments and playing numerous matches are more likely to achieve higher rankings. Understanding the dynamics of the ranking system is vital for both players and fans. Are you curious about who the ten best table tennis players in the world are? Fan Zhendong is renowned for his explosive forehand and backhand shots, quick footwork, and incredible agility on the table.

Table tennis ranking

He smashed away all doubts and concerns over his fitness and form with a superlative performance on Wednesday, coming back from a game down to beat World No. There were a lot of shots which in the first set, I was a bit hesitant about. That Sharath could pull off a victory despite the Slovenian dominating the first game, shows why he has been the story of this tournament, having entered the main draw after going through the rigours of qualifying. Sharath, ranked World No. He then simply outplayed the in-form Chilean World No. There was not a lot left for the year-old to prove when it came to world rankings and his focus would be more on events with the Indian team, like the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, and other team championships. India, against all odds, qualified for the Paris Olympics as a team after reaching the Round of 16 of the World Championships in Busan last month. That means that Sharath is close to achieving his lifelong dream of playing the team event at an Olympics. If he wins his next game, he could enter the top in world rankings and put his place beyond doubt.

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Full name: Sun Wen. Full name: Saleh Ahmed. Full name: Oh Junsung. Date Note Published on Full name: Lin Gaoyuan. Had already two wins against rated players…points. Full name: Dixon Xavier. Full name: Pang Yew En Koen. Full name: Aruna Quadri. Full name: Yuan Licen. Toggle navigation. These ratings will be used for London Paralympic Games seeding.

USA Table Tennis is the official governing body for table tennis in the United States, responsible for sanctioning official table tennis tournaments within the country.

Country: Poland. Full name: Ly Edward. Full name: Luu Finn. Updated on , Marielle Boers, F1, 4 participations also …. Full name: Assar Omar. Full name: Rassenfosse Adrien. Country: Mexico. Description of the PTT rating system for doubles and mixed doubles. Full name: Achanta Sharath Kamal. Full name: Boll Timo. Full name: Duda Benedikt. Full name: Cho Seungmin. Full name: Levenko Andreas. Full name: Yoshimura Maharu. Full name: Akkuzu Can.

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