taehyung beard

Taehyung beard

In the middle of my taehyung beard, a notification popped up on my screen and it said: "Taehyung says he is growing a beard and Jin will also.

By India. Recently, group member V aka Kim Taehyung took to her official Instagram account and shared a video in which he can be seen flaunting his new beard look. Yes, you read it right. V is growing a beard while he is at home. While the singer looks hottest in his beard look, what made him look even more alluring was his shirtless look. A decorated Christmas tree can also be seen in the background.

Taehyung beard

BTS singer V left fans stunned after he shared a video in which he was seen shirtless. The Christmas Tree singer took to Instagram Stories and shared a black and white video in which he was seen moving around his room. While fans noticed him shirtless, they also pointed out that his beard has grown. The video also gave a glimpse of the Christmas decorations on one side of the room while jazz music played in the background. Fans took to Twitter and reacted to the video. Kim Taehyung what are you doing to us? I can't breathe. Please someone stop Taehyungssi from drinking for our own sanity! Our soul left our bodies because of you Mr. Kim Taehyung. Fans also reached out to the singer on Weverse to know what he was up to when he shared the video. A fan requested V to not shave off his facial hair, adding that the moustache suited him.

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A day after BTS singer V informed his fellow members about his growing beard, the member shared a video that gave a glimpse of his grown facial hair. The singer, taking to his Instagram stories, showed his latest look. Despite using a filter for the video, fans noticed a thin moustache and a stubble growing on V's otherwise clean-shaven face. The video caused a meltdown among fans, with many confessing the video took them by surprise. Earlier this week, V mentioned his growing facial hair on an Instagram post shared by RM.

Taehyung beard

Curated By: Entertainment Bureau. And they seem to be bored out of their minds. The members of one of the busiest boybands in the world suddenly have nothing on their work schedule, and seem to be clueless about how to navigate so much free time that they have. Some of the members, like Kim Taehyung V and Jeon Jungkook are using the break time to connect with their fans on social media. V has been super active on Instagram as well as Weverse. He has been initiating conversations, responding to comments from ARMYs and also uploading photos on the social media platform.

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Specifically, Taehyung and Jin. Comments 4. Home Entertainment Hold Your Breath! He then shared a video of his stubble. The video was shared on Instagram stories by V. Expect views, reviews and news. A post shared by BTS V official. Sabrina akter ifa. HT Insight. Meanwhile, V also visited Hawaii recently and shared a glimpse of his vacation on social media. View this post on Instagram. Share Via. Join the community.


I want them to keep their faces. Do you want Taehyung and Jin to grow a beard or, let them keep their natural beautiful faces? I showed proof and the end hahaha. Cookie Policy This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. A post shared by BTS V official. We'll what do you think? Comments 4. By India. Sign in. BTS singer V shares a shirtless video on Instagram. Also Read:.

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