Temp fade haircut

A temp fade haircut is a type of fade that starts around the temples and is usually temp fade haircut with a line-up for a completely clean look. Gents who are White, Asian, or even Hispanic can rock such a look, temp fade haircut. LA expert barber Matt Johnston displays his fades on different lengths and styles of afro hair, and the transformations are truly awesome beyond doubt!

We are specialists in crafting styles for the sophisticated gentleman. Well Groomed Gentleman Barbershop in Coral Gables is your one-stop shop if you need a temple fade or a temple taper haircut. A temple fade haircut blends the hair and skin into one another gradually, while a temple taper which is also very popular right now is more dramatic and shows the hairline more prominently. Whether you opt for a temple high fade haircut, a temple fade afro, a temple fade with curls, or something entirely different, check out these popular temple fade hairstyles for inspiration:. If you normally style your hair in a slicked back way, why not shake things up a bit and incorporate a temple fade into your look? Some guys find that a mohawk is too much maintenance, but this temple fade style proves that you can have a full mohawk, clean lines and with very little self-maintenance! Tousled hair on top can look boyish and playful and this temple fade style shows that you can keep your tousles and have shaved sides at the same time!

Temp fade haircut

A temple fade is only applied to a small section of a haircut, but it can alter it dramatically - transforming a classic style into something much more contemporary. Words by: James Uden. A temple fade can really enhance what might otherwise be considered a fairly mundane haircut. And this detailed clipper work can be added to a variety of styles and lengths without taking attention away from the hair on top. The aim is to remove some of the bulk through this lower side section while simultaneously establishing an edge line that runs just above the ear, angled either straight or curved down towards the nape. They can also help hair grow out in a neat and tidy fashion by keeping the length shorter around the ears and neck. As opposed to cutting up as far as you would with a high fade , a temple fade is much more subtle. Instead, it creates small yet impactful faded section just above the sideburn. This clean clippered section sits just above the sideburn and creeps over the ear, but soon blends into more notable length at the top of the sides. While other types of fade think high fades and skin fades tend to dominate the overall cut, requiring a super-short back and sides all the way up and around, a temple fade can range anywhere between a grade two and four depending on your chosen hairstyle.

A fade cut for both your hair and beard can modernize temp fade haircut mullet style and make it easier to maintain your facial hair. A low temp fade gives you an easygoing feel that has just enough stylish contrast to lift your look, while high temp fades paired with a rugged beard are effortlessly masculine.

The temp fade is a cool haircut for men who want a simple taper around the temples to create a sharp and unique style. A temp fade haircut can be a fashionable and sleek look that will take a stylish hairstyle to the next level. If you want a modern cut, these temple fade hairstyles can help you achieve the perfect finish to suit your needs. For a classic look, the low temp fade offers a business professional style that will look great on modern gentlemen. The mid and high temp fades are popular styles that feature extra contrast for an edgy vibe.

Home » Men's Haircuts » Fade Haircut. Eric Melillo. Updated: March 4, If you want to stay on trend this year, the temp fade is the way to go. Common style variations include an afro or nappy temp fade plus low, medium and high temp fades. This sharp and sophisticated fade haircut is now one of the most popular hairstyles for men since gaining popularity in the s. Most temp fade haircuts like the rapper Drake , are followed up with a shape-up haircut or even a curly, loose blowout style. We show you the top temple fade haircuts with taper haircuts for all face shapes and hair textures below.

Temp fade haircut

The fade haircut is the most popular and best way for men to cut their hair short on the sides and back. Easy to get and simple to style, fades complement all hair types, lengths, textures, and hairstyles. Cool and short, barbers use clippers to gradually taper your hair short to shorter for a clean, blended finish. While there are many different types of fades, the most common kinds are the high, mid, and low fade haircuts.

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With such an exaggerated fringe and longer messy texture running through the top, you need that extra bit of length on the upper sides for balance, which is why a temple fade is preferable to something that would completely wipe out this section, like a high fade. The use of enhancements is becoming more common. This way, it stays subtle and professional. There are several ways to wear this style, but gently spiking the hair upward will create a sophisticated look that ladies love. The faded section will often move up in clipper grades from 0 to 0. A barely-there fade works best to highlight the hair on top, but you can create dimension with sharp lines, shaved designs or subtle stubble. Show some love for your natural texture with a bald temp fade. It leaves the hair on top thick to balance out the style of the chop. The Sharp Temple Fade Haircut With its sharp lines and low fade sides, this temple fade style is perfect for the guy with ethnic hair who wants something fun and cheeky to take him from work or school to drinks with friends, and everything in between. The brush-up complements the longer strands at the sides for a well-presented look. Prepare to improve your hairdo with a temp fade combined with a mullet! To maintain the flow of the faded edges, the back will usually be rounded off, but it can be cut square if you prefer. It completely changes your look. The Temple Fade Afro The afro is a classic style that embraces your inner passion and creativity. Depending on your face shape, feel free to customize the shape and height of this afro temp fade.


Wick dreads look extremely flattering with a low temp fade and a beard blend. It has a minimalist feel thanks to its short length, but the light texture creates a cool and youthful result. A good haircut will have a fade that blends towards your temples and keeps texturized length on top and at the back. The Sideline Temple Fade A shaved line is a great way to mark the end of the top of your hair and the beginning of your new temple fade hairstyle. A temp fade with dreads is a perfect slate for having medium-length braids. They can add a sharp finish, resulting in this fresh line-up and temp fade. They are usually shorter on the side, longer on top and the front, and combed back. A textured quiff with a temple fade has several vital features. Instagram mistermoustachebarbershop. If you want a contemporary edge, blend the fade into your beard line for a manly feel that oozes sex appeal. Instagram barberfirmat. Written By Well Groomed Gentleman. California-based stylist Siobhan is the one behind this neat haircut. It provides a sleek and clean look, making it suitable for professional and casual settings.

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