uncharted 2 treasures

Uncharted 2 treasures

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Please note that while you are able to access the area where the Amber Skull Bead Treasure is located during the nineteenth Chapter, Siege, it will not appear until you are actually in that Chapter. Likewise, the following Treasures are only attainable in this specific Chapter. This Treasure can be found right at the start of the Chapter. From the starting position, turn right to circle around the house on your right and past the yak. You can find the Treasure near the barrier fence at the edge of the cliff, close to a tree. The location for this Treasure is close to the area where the kids are playing with a soccer ball. Stand on the main path in front of the gateway, facing forwards so that the kids are on your left.

Uncharted 2 treasures

Among Thieves features a total of treasures. Treasures contribute to obtaining medals and thus money, as well as trophies , with which you can unlock rewards. In Among Thieves Remastered , they will unlock rewards directly based on how many treasures you have collected. Although there are a total of treasures, only are required to unlock the final "Master Fortune Hunter" medal and silver trophy. Medals are awarded each time upon collecting a total of five treasures, excluding the very first one, titled "First Treasure". Trophies are the same, including the first treasure trophy, but only award a trophy each time upon collecting ten treasures. Among Thieves Remastered no longer includes trophies for collecting most treasures, and only awards them upon collecting one, twenty, forty, sixty, eighty, and all of them. The Wrathful Deity Statue can be found immediately after the first flashback scene, upon regaining control of Nate. Look to the right, between the lone tree and the cliff's edge. The Saraswati Statue can be obtained shortly after the first treasure, after passing between two train carriages, directly behind the corpse with the 92FS - 9mm pistol. The Tibetan Snuff Bottle is located quickly after the previous one, directly after you have to shoot the lock blocking your way out of the train wagon. It is behind held by a second corpse above you, right away after exiting the wagon.

The Jeweled Statue Crown can be found after ziplining down into the train yard, uncharted 2 treasures a dark green railway car and the warehouse to your right. The Tibetan Silver Vase is on the far side of the topmost car.


The first Treasure of the game can be found directly after climbing out of the train and watching the flashback with Drake, Flynn and Chloe at the tiki bar. To your right will be some rocks and a dead tree along the cliff edge. Head over behind them to find the Treasure located underneath the tree. The second Treasure is found in the small area directly after squeezing through the wreckage that falls behind you, with the oil slick and the dead body in the middle with a 92FS 9mm pistol. Treasure number three can be found just after the train car where you have to open the wooden door out by shooting the padlock. After opening the wooden door, look up to see a dead soldier dressed in grey. Shoot him down and the Treasure will fall into the snow, where you can then pick it up. This will be the first of many times you have to do this! Before going into the red train car, drop down towards the camera and onto a grey crate with snow on it. Drop down off the grey crate towards the camera to fall into a small snowy area with the Treasure inside it.

Uncharted 2 treasures

If you buy something from a Polygon link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. To find the chapter name, press the Options button and select Load Game from the pause menu. The name of the current chapter but not the number appears on the bottom line of the most recent save in the Load menu. Facing away from the cliff edge, look to the left. The Tibetan Silver Earring is over the huge doors. Shoot it down to collect it. Backtrack, and put your back to those first red doors. Head to the right past the burning barrel and drop off the edge. Look back toward the entrance, and then turn to the wall on your right.

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You can shoot it down before or after the large firefight that triggers upon getting close to the cabin. After falling down, step onto the first of the horizontally spinning gears at the bottom and hang off of its edge. Up Next: Mountaineering Treasures Previous. When you climb out of the sewers, the Byzantine Gold Coin will be on a box behind you and to the right. Climb the icy ledges to the left until you reach an abandoned campsite. A bit later, after you find a body and some wolves, Tenzin will boost you up to another path. Climb the cart and the wall behind it, and go right alongside the wall to jump over the railing onto the next corner platform. Note that ascending the next staircase and turning left will start a cutscene causing you to miss it. Climb down for the treasure, which rests next to the base of the wooden support beam. The Tibetan Silver Earring can be found at the start of the chapter, affixed to the top of the shut gate on the side of the parked trucks. The Incense Burner can be obtained shortly after lowering the first of the resistance's rooftop bridges. Likewise, the following Treasures are only attainable in this specific Chapter. From here, head right and climb up the blue ladder. Cross the bridge onto the next structure, then climb the smaller building at the back end with a water tank, where the treasure lies next to the air conditioning unit. Treasures contribute to obtaining medals and thus money, as well as trophies , with which you can unlock rewards.

The first Treasure of this lengthy Chapter is found right in the opening area.

Up Next: Mountaineering Treasures Previous. The Tibetan Ritual Blade is at the bottom of the pit at the start of the chapter. After eliminating all enemies head for the second tower and drop down at the corner where the bridge meets the wall on the right side. The Jeweled Bracelet is next to a pipe along your left, directly across from the tunnel that leads to the ladder out. Inside the temple, after a bit of climbing and jumping, both you and Tenzin will pull some levers and lower sets of three rotating drums. A lot of climbing later will bring you to a hallway full of bad guys and a stairway that leads to nowhere. Turn right, and climb the blue ladder up to the roof. The Clay Deity Head is hidden at the second rope swinging segment. From here you can jump down to the left and land next to a tree, with the treasure lying on the tree's left. Jump down into the water from your side, then head left until you get close enough to the large patch with the green car in the center. The Enameled Snuff Bottle can be found close to the kitchen from which you can spot the power generator you must reactivate. Shoot it down to collect it.

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