Where is the stamp in world 2-4

You must play the level as Mario to get this Stamp. Look for an M pad right to the right of the beginning of the level and stomp on it as Mario to reveal the Stamp.

While overall these collectibles are fairly easy to obtain, some of them can only be collected after certain criteria have been met. Providing details on those criteria is the exact purpose of this guide, and players that read on should have little trouble collecting all of the Green Stars and the Stamp in Super Mario 3D World 's World Fans should then go through the first clear pipe in to reach a ledge with number of coins. From there, players should use their Cat skills to climb the dirt wall behind those coins, and they will find the Green Star when they reach the top. There is a green pipe on on the bottom floor of 's underground section, which Super Mario 3D World fans can enter after breaking through a couple of purple blocks. This pipe leads to a room that is covered in floor tiles that will turn various colors when walked upon, and the goal is to activate them all. Indeed, the second Green Star will appear as soon as that has been done, and players will be free to move onto the next collectible from there.

Where is the stamp in world 2-4

Or at least, the one with all the loot. The Super Mario series has been packed with collectibles since its inception, and Super Mario 3D World is no exception. As we said in our Super Mario 3D World review , there are lots of goodies to find here. Green stars are hidden in every course; they'll help you unlock levels and earn other nifty rewards. Stamps can be collected and used in any message you leave on Miiverse. You'll find one in most levels. That means there are literally hundreds of collectibles to find in this massive game. Fortunately, we've found them all already. Follow along, and you can too! Note: This guide does not include the final five stamps. To acquire them, you must complete every level with each of the five characters.

You'll spot this overhead while moving through the course.


Defeating Bowser in World 1 unlocks a clear pipe that brings you to World 2. There are 24 Green Stars and six Stamps in World 2. Star 1: Run to the right until you see two shifting platforms hovering over sand with a? Block above them. Hit this block to get a Super Bell and turn into a cat. Now, climb directly up the cliff to reach a Star at the top. Star 2 : Drop back down the cliff and continue right. You'll need to pass several stretches of sand and shifting platforms until you see a Conkdor surrounded by four Brick Blocks.

Where is the stamp in world 2-4

Mostly every single stage in the game is home to three somewhat hidden Green Stars and one Stamp. World 's first Green Star is one that is nearly impossible to miss out on. After players first enter the 2D side-scrolling section of the stage , they will come across a purple mystery box. Jump inside of it to be taken to a challenge room with a Green Star on the right side of it. Simply hold the jump button to safely make it across the Piranha Plants to grab the star. And don't worry about jumping back to the left side, as the game will teleport players back to the main path once the star has been grabbed. Immediately after crossing the checkpoint flag, players will find a small body of water that's underneath two purple Piranha Plants. Swim to the bottom of the lake to find Green Star number two. Players can either avoid the plants entirely, jump on them, or use a Fire Flower to push them back into the wall.

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Use a Double Cherry clone to hit the leftmost question mark brick and reveal a brick above. Take out the Fire Bro. You'll find a star up here. Current page: Page 1. Before entering the warp block early in the level, use wall jumps to ascend to the platform above. This Star is on top of a tall hill right at the start of the level. It will rise up to another star. Keep at least two clones while descending the beep block slide at the level's end. Green Star 1 Location This Star is on top of a tall hill right at the start of the level. Get their attention, then retreat to the earlier platforms. Up here, you'll find a few coins and a star. Touch the right one - notice the hole underneath? Touch them on the GamePad, and they will briefly disappear. Catch the giant rabbit up here to earn a Mega Mushroom, then run across the bridge in your mega form. Stardew Valley's 1.

Or at least, the one with all the loot.

From the start of the level, head right to find a Mario switch. Bounce or ground pound your way through them to grab it. Rate this game. Bear right to reach the upper right ledge where a star sits. This will take you to an upper ledge with a warp pipe. Swipe it a few times using a Cat Suit to temporarily raise the platforms nearby. We believe in you! See the cracked wall to the left? Dash through this course to find a star at its end. You'll find a stamp behind them. Leave feedback. At the start of the level, stun a Brolder and toss it onto one of the two tiles. Drop in to find a hidden chamber where you can touch another platform to reach a stamp. Look for an M pad right to the right of the beginning of the level and stomp on it as Mario to reveal the Stamp.

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