Freeform dreads

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We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Yup, that's an actual reality with freeform locs. You just let your hair do its own thing—meaning it's legit possible for you to roll out of bed ready to go. I'm not joking—freeform locs require pretty minimal effort to maintain. But just in case you don't believe me, I called for backup. Find out what you'll need in order to make this look a part of your natural hair journey, ahead. With traditional locs, your stylist will re-twist the new hair growth at the base of your locs about every six to eight weeks, says Pierre.

Freeform dreads


But, for most, from the time of the freeform dreads rights movement, they have pushed back on the oppression and discrimination and, among other things, have proudly worn their hair in its natural state. Culturally speaking, freeform dreads, many people groups have been the object of disdain and disrespect.


Looking for some loc inspiration? Locs, aka dreadlocks or dreads , are strands of hair that lock together into themselves , hence the name. You can go super small or extra large and anywhere in between. There are a few popular methods used to create dreadlocks:. True to its name, the freeform technique consists of allowing the dreads to form freely.

Freeform dreads

Are freeform dreads the new way of locking hair, is it the new natural and a way of expressing hair freedom? Simply put; Freeform dreads are locs that form naturally without any manipulation on the new growth. They are another interesting and fun way to start or continue growing your dreadlocks with very minimal maintenance. Freeform dreads are dreads formed by allowing the new growth of your hair to grow out organically without any manipulation. They are also called freedom, natural, organic, or free style locs.

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View full post on Instagram. As you part your hair, think in terms of brick-laying. Hair products will soften your hair making the locking process take longer , and if they aren't water-soluble, they can end up inside your locs. I'm not joking—freeform locs require pretty minimal effort to maintain. Freeform locs can be started in one of three ways, says Pierre. Better Expression of Your Natural Hair Most dreadlocks are groomed frequently to maintain a 'neat' appearance, so they are manipulated to look a certain way. According to LyVar, you need to wash and condition your hair once or twice a week with a gentle, sulfate-free formula and then either let your locs air-dry or sit under a hooded dryer. For them, dreadlocks are a symbol of the embracing of their own natural beauty and racial pride. This really depends on your hair type— if you have a tighter curl pattern , your locs will form more quickly than someone with a looser curl pattern. Will mine look alright? We provide vegan, organic, residue-free loc care products your locs will love!

With freeform dreads there is no added stress of having to retwist them, layering some products or separating your roots. Simply let your hair do its own thing and eventually you will get some luscious locks that will be the envy of many.

Find out what you'll need in order to make this look a part of your natural hair journey, ahead. The Time it Takes to Grow Freeform Locs How long your hair takes to form locs will depend on your hair texture, length, and how you care for them. Ama Kwarteng was previously the associate beauty editor at Cosmopolitan. The manipulation that other forms of locs undergo isn't a part of this form. Unlike other locs that are manicured and polished, freeform locs don't require much attention. We hope we have sold you on the beauty and significance of freeform locs. Loc Shampoo Bar. Spiritually speaking, many people believe your hair holds life energy. You have already decided against forcing them to look a certain way, so your hair will pleasantly surprise you. So, be patient. Also, if your hair was chemically-relaxed, freeform locs may take a little time. My Account. Step 2: Braid or two-strand twist your hair. Even though the interlocking tool is a longer process, according to Pierre, the method strengthens the base of the loc so it can support the weight of your hair as it grows.

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