Tattoo flowers arm

If you like your ink with a side of symbolism and hidden meaning, flower tattoos are the way tattoo flowers arm go. Florals of all kinds tend to be a popular pick across the countryespecially for clients just starting out, tattoo flowers arm. They can easily be scaled down to the dainty sizes trending on Instagram over the past few years. To help you narrow down your references, otocenter rounded up the coolest flower tattoos and floral designs from our favorite artists and asked them to share the meaning behind each.

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Tattoo flowers arm


The dark stems, dark leaves, and dark shading add a bit of heaviness to the design in a good way.


Flowers are beautiful but temporary. Tattoos, however, last for a lifetime. If you love flowers, these flower tattoos will win your heart. What is your favorite flower? But they match with almost any flower in a bouquet. They can either shine on their own or be the perfect support role. And for you, you may identify yourself with other types of flowers. From rose and carnation, which represent true love, to orchid and cherry blossom that symbolize strength, flowers are not just a gift but a personal statement. Most cut flowers would last for a week or so.

Tattoo flowers arm

Arm tattoos come in limitless designs. They are cool with every person irrespective fo age, gender and race. The best thing about having a tattoo on the arm is that its easy to show off or cover by wearing the appropriate cloth. They are on a body part that is moderately sensitive. Getting a tattoo on the arm is not very painful. The arm is an excellent part of the body that offers sufficient room for coming up with an incredible design, even more complicated ones such as biomechanical tattoos. It suits elaborate and subtle tattoo designs. It is also a famous part for starting up with tattoos as it is easy to cover-up with a new bigger tat. Tattoo designs used to be for outcasts but they are now fashionable.

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That could be why looking at this beauty sparks so much of it. Subscribe Email Address Subscribe. The combination of colorful ink and soft shading can result in tattoos that blow out, so he advises going to an artist who's familiar with the style—and following proper aftercare so it doesn't scab and peel. Delicate Colors. However, white ink tattoos are not the most robust. For this round, Duff left the studio with a pair of lightly shaded roses on the inside of her upper arm. The inclusion of color and simple, curved lines also makes the tattoo feel realistic in an artful way. Breuner, Elizabeth M. With subtly shaded floral tattoo designs like this one, Hongdam suggests avoiding long exposure to water and sun—this will help preserve the color as it ages. Hongdam, inspired by his background in fine art, decided to start experimenting with other influences. Thigh Flowers. Words and Flowers. A great way to make multiple flowers feel natural rather than repetitive is to have the tattooed blooms connect at the stem. By Paula Lee. If your body art is going to be exposed to UV rays, be sure to cover the skin with sunscreen rated at least SPF

Love butterflies and want a butterfly with a flower tattoo design?

Another popular flower tattoo is the lavender sprig, which symbolizes devotion and calm and is known for its healing properties. Flowers are a common design choice for tattoos, and with good reason: Each blossom holds its own symbolism, both well-known and obscure. Hongdam, inspired by his background in fine art, decided to start experimenting with other influences. This might be the coolest illustration of a lotus we've seen; we love how the ultra-thin lines make the petals appear almost translucent. Scroll through Instagram, and you'll often see them drawn in combination with skulls, flowing script, or full sleeves. Use not-quite-straight, medium-thickness lines on other parts of the tattoo to make them feel just as delicate yet eye-catching. It symbolizes passion, gratitude, and affection. Isabelle Lichtenstein. The single needle will give you a very thin outline, which will make it feel light and wispy. She has worked in digital media for over five years and is an expert on a range of topics, including tattoos, piercings, and culture. The inner pop of yellow also ups the impact of the sometimes hard-to-see ink.

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