shakespeare 2 pound coin

Shakespeare 2 pound coin

Steeped in more than 1, years of history, The Royal Mint supplies all of the United Kingdom's coinage as well as currency for nations around the world. Renown for craftsmanship and thoughtful design, The Royal Mint also produces commemorative coins, favoured by investors and collectors, shakespeare 2 pound coin. Founded in the reign of Alfred the Greataround the yearThe Royal Mint was originally one of several mints which were shakespeare 2 pound coin to London in For more than years the Mint was based at the Tower of London before moving to Royal Mint Court where it remained until the s.

KEEP an eye on your spare change as you might have a rare coin lurking worth as much as 15 times its face value. Rare coins and bank notes can fetch their owners hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds. When it comes to rare coins, they are usually valuable if a low amount of them was struck and put into circulation. But sometimes you can bag yourself a hefty amount of cash if the piece was struck incorrectly during the manufacturing process. You can collect a tragedies, histories and comedies coins, which commemorate the different styles of Shakespeare's plays. Keep an eye out for the tragedies coin in particular, as there is a rare version with a minting error which you can sell on for much more.

Shakespeare 2 pound coin


The Royal Mint's commemorative and bullion coins — often minted to mark important national events and anniversaries — are not intended for circulation.


We will also explain why it is so sought-after and how you can get your hands on this rare coin. The coin was designed by Antony Dufort and features a portrait of Shakespeare on the obverse front side, with a quotation from his play Julius Caesar on the reverse back side. The portrait of Shakespeare on the obverse side of the coin is based on a bust that is housed in the British Museum. The coin, designed by Matthew Dent, features a portrait of Shakespeare on the obverse and a representation of the Globe Theatre on the reverse. The coin was minted in both gold and silver versions, with a limited edition presentation pack also available. These include an exhibition at Buckingham Palace, as well as performances of his plays at theaters around the country. However, the path to true love is never easy in a Shakespeare comedy. The characters often go through trials and tribulations — from mistaken identity to unrequited love — before finally finding happiness.

Shakespeare 2 pound coin

Each coin features an inscription related to a specific Shakespeare play, accompanied by a design illustrating a scene or character from that play. The coins were designed by a variety of artists and feature different intricate designs, making them sought-after collectibles for both coin enthusiasts and Shakespeare fans. These coins have become popular among collectors and can be found in circulation, but they are often limited in quantity and can be difficult to find. They are often bought and sold by collectors, and their prices can vary depending on factors such as rarity, condition, and demand. The value of your coin may vary depending upon the condition. All three coins were issued as Silver Coins with a Limited Edition Presentation mintage of 5, each.

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Money News Money Sam Walker. Buy Coins View Coins. Extremely efficient service. Buon giorno. You won't find our full range on display in our showroom but if there is something particular you would like to examine then please do get in touch. You're guaranteed a fully protected service when you buy online with The Britannia Coin Company. Please Login to track this product. Call our enquiries line on open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. The packaging is also on point and highly professional. Steeped in more than 1, years of history, The Royal Mint supplies all of the United Kingdom's coinage as well as currency for nations around the world. Please check individual product pages for accurate delivery estimates. Coins were of good quality.

These designs included the Comedies, Histories and Tragedies designs. Once one of these listings completes then it has the knock-on effect of other sellers also trying the same thing.

Whether you are diversifying your investments or simply appreciate world-class design, commemorative coins from The Royal Mint are a great buy. Mintage: 5,, The team buys thousands of coins every month via our postal valuation service. As a repeat customer I can't recommend highly enough. Summary Royal Mint About us Reviews. Buy Collectable Coins Online We offer a wide range of collectable and investment coins in pre-owned and brand-new condition. Share this Twitter Facebook. We've got lots of great discount coins available in our cabinets at Old Bank Antiques. This collectable bimetallic coin is in good condition and ready to add to your collection. Easy to order and pay online.

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