Ufos over north america

A high-altitude object was shot down near Lake Huron on Sunday afternoon, marking the fourth time in just over a week that the U. On Saturday, an unidentified object was downed over northern Canada, a day after another object had been shot down over Alaska airspace by a U. Last weekend, a Chinese ufos over north america balloon was taken down by Fs off the coast homestead ave South Carolina. There's no indication at this point that the unidentified objects have any connection to China's surveillance balloon, but it seems that national security officials across the continent remain on edge, ufos over north america.

This article was originally published at The Conversation. The publication contributed the article to Space. On the heels of the Feb. When the media asked Glen VanHerck, the Air Force general responsible for overseeing North American airspace, about these events, he refused to rule out extraterrestrial forces at play. Other military officials later clarified that otherworldly origins aren't a serious consideration, but the comment highlighted the U. As a space policy expert , I'm often confronted with questions about UFOs and little green people.

Ufos over north america

This article was published more than 1 year ago. Some information may no longer be current. Navy via AP. There is one thing the White House would like you to know about the unidentified flying objects shot down over the U. Also unclear is why this is happening now. There are, however, a few theories. It may be a new, stepped-up espionage effort by China, Russia or another U. Or it may be a function of increased vigilance by air force commanders. Sometime on or before Jan. Biden said it was too dangerous to shoot it down over land, for fear of killing or injuring someone on the ground, so the U.

China, meanwhile, has accused the U. Trudeau subsequently ordered taken down. Evidence of a more advanced species needs to be made public.

The US says it destroyed the objects out of an abundance of caution after an alleged Chinese spy balloon drifted across its airspace. America's top military commander also reveals it took two attempts to destroy an object over Lake Huron after the first missile fired wide. Three objects shot down by fighter jets over North America in the past week probably had a "commercial or benign" purpose, the White House has admitted. The US said it destroyed the objects out of an abundance of caution after an alleged Chinese spy balloon drifted across its airspace earlier this month. Expensive Sidewinder missiles, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars each, downed the objects over Alaska, Canada's Yukon territory and Lake Huron in Michigan over a three-day period.

The suspected Chinese spy balloon drifts to the ocean after being shot down off the US coast, as seen from South Carolina. In the most simple terms, a UFO is not necessarily an alien spaceship, but merely an object in the sky that has not been identified — hence the term Unidentified Flying Object. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau , who asked the US Air Force to shoot it down, said the object violated his country's airspace and posed a threat to aviation. The downing of the three objects followed the detection of a balloon off the US east coast on February 4 that was 60 metres in diameter and fitted with an array of electronic surveillance equipment. In November , two F jets were scrambled from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz to investigate a swarm of unidentified objects off California. Footage of the incident was declassified in , creating a buzz in the global community of UFO watchers, many of whom believe alien spaceships have been sent to Earth on many occasions. The government said that if the objects had indeed moved that quickly, they would have resembled meteorites or fireballs because of friction with the air, something that was not observed at the time.

Ufos over north america

In the span of two weeks in February , U. The military identified the first of these objects as a foot-tall 60 meters Chinese spy balloon, floating approximately 60, feet 18, meters over Alaska in late January; the government tracked the balloon for several days as it floated southeast across the country, eventually shooting it down off the South Carolina coast with a fighter jet on Feb. The other three objects — which include a car-size cylinder shot down over Canada's frigid Yukon territory and a strange octagonal object shot into the waters of Lake Huron — remain unidentified, and were all destroyed between Feb. These three objects were less sophisticated than the spy balloon, White House officials said in a Feb. However, they were flying in airspace used by commercial airplanes, which added to the security risk, government officials said. These rapid-fire incidents have left many wondering why the government is suddenly detecting — and destroying — so many unidentified objects in U. Are there really more objects up there than usual, or is the military simply getting better at tracking them? While it's impossible to know for sure how many objects are in a given country's airspace at any time, government officials have been clear on one point: Following the detection of the Chinese surveillance balloon in late January, the military deliberately broadened its search for foreign objects at similar altitudes.

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Home U. There are, however, a few theories. No conspiracy. Lawmakers are calling on the Biden administration to divulge more information about the downed objects , saying they have received little so far. Today, the U. The second major theory is that these sorts of objects, whatever they are, have been flying around for a while but the U. One advantage to shooting down so many of these objects is that once they are recovered on the ground, they offer a lot for military and intelligence officials to analyze. On the heels of the Feb. However, as these recent episodes have shown, a UFO is far more likely to be human-made, rather than originating from some faraway place in the universe. Jon Tester of Montana is looking into why it took so long for us, our military, our intelligence, to know about these balloons.

This article was published more than 1 year ago.

He also said he hopes to also figure out why the US didn't detect these assets sooner. Biden administration officials said it posed little intelligence gathering and military risk. She thought she'd never see the stranger she met at the airport again. RTB decision allowing eviction for landlord's use found 'patently unreasonable' in B. Ming Wong. This change is partially to try to disassociate the term from science fiction aliens. Log In Create free account. At least one person has been arrested at a rally by pro-Palestinian demonstrators outside an event in Toronto featuring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. On Feb. The U. A residential eviction for landlord's use that was approved by B. Skip to main content.

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